Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Poor Nuns series

Right now I'm putting the final revisions to my latest work, The Master of Glastonbury, which is a story associated with The Poor Nuns series.  It occurred to me that I ought to write something here to clarify a couple of points, just in case there's any confusion about the order you should read the books, since I have not written them in a strict sequence.

Quite honestly, these stories can be read in any order.  In fact, when I began the first one (Dating a Dickgirl), set a few years in the future, I wasn't sure whether it would be popular enough to justify creating a series; I alluded to a family legend in that story and, when I realised a chain of books in this theme (futa, or woman with a penis - coupled with a bunch of horny nuns) would "have wheels", I wrote a story round the family legend (Dickgirl in the Dungeon); it turned out that the legend was based on a fairy story set a century earlier, so I wrote that (A Poor Nun's Endowment).  I guess that means we're talking here about writing a prequel to a prequel.

But that's where we stop going backwards.  Now all the stories will be moving forward, a step at a time.  If you haven't read any of these yet, you might derive the most pleasure from them if you read them in the following order.  But it's not compulsory!

1.  A Poor Nun's Endowment (narrated by the nun, Dame Anna, with the prologue and epilogue by Michael, her pupil)
2.  The Poor Nuns in Revolt (narrated by Michael)
3.  The Master of Glastonbury (narrated by Michael) - to be published soon.
4.  Return of the Poor Nuns (narrated by Agnes, Anna's daughter, with the prologue and epilogue by Abbot Michael) - I'm just about to start the first draft.
5.  [another story to come which will cover Agnes' sexual relationship with someone - no working title yet].
6.  Dickgirl in the Dungeon (Abbot Michael's solution to a family succession problem)
7.  Dating a Dickgirl (set far in the future - with an idea sparked off from an old family tradition about Abbot Michael, a distant ancestor)

I must tell you that The Master of Glastonbury is longer than the others in this series - almost twice as long - which has held up the schedule for writing my other stories.  I hadn't planned this - I have to blame my Muse for coming up with extra ideas as I've been busy at the laptop.
  Finally, I would mention here that I'm considering rewriting Dickgirl in the Dungeon.  The words will all be the same but (to paraphrase an old gag from Morecambe and Wise) not necessarily in the same order as the old version.  I believe I put too many flashbacks into the narrative, which might confuse the reader - so I may put everything back in a linear fashion, starting at the beginning and finishing the story at the end.  If any reader out there has a comment to make about this idea, I'd be very pleased to hear from you.

Until next time,

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

At last... Waterlines 15 is out!

My sincere apologies to everyone about the delay in production of Waterlines 15.  It isn't due to laziness on my part, I assure you - I just have so many stories that I wanted to complete, and I was waiting for the Muse to descend to give me a hand.  Not only that, but I had to make a few changes in my strategy... for example, In Small, Intimate Rooms was originally intended to be a very short story that I could include in Waterlines 15 but, whilst writing it, the characters took on a life of their own and it turned out to be longer than I'd expected - so I had it published separately back in January this year as a stand-alone ebook.  And I'm close to finishing a sequel to The Poor Nuns in Revolt - but I'm still researching some details... I want to ensure historical accuracy to give the story some credibility.

And apart from that... I have two stories that I'm working on in my other personal, Rachel Cray - they're in a new series - I've been working on them both for eighteen months and I'm still changing my mind about one of the main characters.

Anyway, let's get back to talking about Waterlines 15:

Warning: these two stories are for over-18s only and contain elements which some people may find offensive. If you aren't interested in watersports (golden showers) or oral sex, or aren't remotely curious, then please don't buy or read this book.

When We Were Lovers (5,200 words)

Cheryl and Alan were once lovers, but split up after a six-month intense relationship.  After an erotic dream, she realises how much she misses him.  But when she finally tracks him down, hoping to pick up the threads of their affair, she’s in for a nasty shock.  Nothing ever stays the same.  Can anything good come out of her disappointment?

Having to Share (8,500 words)

Jessica and Ken work together; when the firm moves to new premises, there's no room for them and they have to stay behind until space is available.  There's only one toilet available that they have to share - and intimate accidents are bound to happen... especially when an unexpected visitor with a voyeuristic habit looks in, and tempts Ken into a little unplanned activity.


     Shortly after the main body of staff went to work in the new building, it was Jessica’s birthday.  Anxious to make the two of us feel as if we were still part of the organization, it was arranged that everybody would go to the local bar to help her celebrate the occasion.  By two o’clock that day, all the staff returned to work in the new office block, but I stayed with her at the bar because she looked a little unsteady on her feet.  I was watching carefully to make sure that nobody put anything in any of her drinks; someone had doctored a girl’s drink the previous year with the intention of seducing her.  The company had taken a pretty dim view of the affair, and the perpetrator had been fired as soon as he confessed.
     We stayed at the bar for another thirty minutes and then I decided I’d help her stagger back to the office and get her to sober up.  I fixed her a black coffee and she sat down in an easy chair with her legs curled round to make herself comfortable.  I returned to my desk to work, answering the phone when necessary, and soon got back into my stride.  I turned round to check Jessica was all right; she was fast asleep.
     After a while my bladder felt full, so I felt the need to go to the bathroom.  I stood at the toilet bowl in one of the cubicles, unzipped myself and began to let go.  Normally I’d have shut the door behind me but, since Jessica was asleep, I didn’t think I’d be disturbed.
     “Hello, big boy!”  It was Jessica.  My pee flow stopped automatically, and I turned round and smiled at her looking round my shoulder; as I moved, I guess she would have snatched a quick profile view of my dick. I don’t know whether she saw anything, but her face certainly looked down in that direction.
     “It’s O.K. I’ve nearly finished,” I said.
     “I thought you were in here,” she giggled.  “I have a confession to make, Ken. I’m horny.”
     “I think you’ve had too much to drink.”
     “Maybe.  But I’m horny.  Is there anything you can do to please a girl?”

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Caught in the Act !

Hello again!
My latest title - Caught in the Act! - has been published on Kindle and Smashwords.  I hope you like it - the story is based on three events which actually happened to people with whom I have worked over the years.  I took the three threads and spun them into one single narrative.

Here's the outline:

Sally is promoted and moved to a new job; she finds a key member of her staff has a private habit and has alienated the rest of her team to the extent that its whole future is in doubt.  Anxious to make her mark in the office, she attempts to impose her own controversial solution to the problem... sometimes calling her own sanity into question.  Can she resolve the situation - and create a successful team from the remnant she has inherited?

And here's a specimen extract to whet your appetite:

At the end of one particularly exhausting day during her final period in her current job, she was relieved when it was time to get to bed.  She lived alone in her apartment, and had become used to her routine; she hoped that the new job wouldn’t interfere with the way of life that she had established over the years.  Sleep came easily to her that night but she was visited by an unusual dream. 

She was in the bar where she had been celebrating with her friends shortly after the news of her promotion had been announced.  This time, she was sitting in the chair that had been occupied by the young guy who had stared at her with such passion as he played with himself.  And the guy was back there in the dream, drinking at the table she had used; she looked down at his lap, and noticed he had his cock out again.  It was hanging limp, waiting to be entertained.

Responding to the challenge, she pulled up her skirt and made sure he could see the tops of her stockings, with the fastenings of her suspenders or garters.  He was electrified.  His hand flew to his crotch and his fingers curled round his cock.  She decided to go further, and pulled her panties aside to show him her pussy.  He began pumping hard at his dick.  Licking her lips to entice him further, she allowed her hand to wander down to her clit, parting her labia and showing him her vagina.

His face had gone red with pleasure, his eyes concentrating on her stockings, her thighs and her genitalia.  It can’t be long now, she thought.  He’ll have to come soon.

She focused her attention on the tiny pee-hole at the end of his dick head, willing his semen to spill out on to the carpet.

But, for all the energy he was putting into the exercise, his climax wouldn’t arrive.  Disappointed, but eager to help, she got out of her chair and knelt down under his table, positioning herself between his feet.  Without a word, she reached forward and put his warm erection in her mouth, moving it round gently with her tongue.

With her lips locked round his shaft, she groaned in an effort to prompt him to share his pleasure with her.  He remained silent; she moaned louder.

She jolted in her bed, and woke up.  She had been moaning in her sleep, and the sound had quickly returned her to the real world.  Her crotch was wet from her dream.

Looking at her alarm clock, she noticed it was only three o’clock.  She turned over and willed herself back to the bar, hoping to resume her ardour with this stranger.  But the scene wouldn’t return, and she felt frustrated; she couldn’t get back to sleep while she was in this state.
Grabbing her pillow, she tucked it between her legs and thrust her pelvis against it; she squeezed her eyes shut, thinking of the guy in the chair who was jerking himself off as the edge of the pillow brushed roughly against her clit.  In less than a minute she felt overcome with an intense rapture that flooded through her, bringing her infatuation to its conclusion.


I hope you enjoy it!  I'm busy preparing stories for inclusion in the next edition of Waterlines (number 15).  Watch this space for more news.

Keep smiling!

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Look-out

The Look-out was published on Amazon Kindle yesterday.  It’s one of two stories I’ve written recently which are centered round sex in the office - I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it

Here are the details:

Adults Only.  Warning: this story is for over-18s only and contains elements which some people may find offensive. If you aren't interested in golden showers or watersports, or aren't curious about the fetish, don't buy or read this book.

Pauline meets Jim at the annual company dance; after a little flirting they become horny and go to a derelict warehouse for some exploratory intimacy. Worried about getting caught by people wandering into the abandoned site, she asks Cosima - a co-worker - to come with them and stand as look-out while she has sex with Jim.  Cosima gets jealous and wants a slice of the action for herself, but Pauline is worried that she might steal Jim from her.  What hold does Cosima have on Jim?  And what happens when she starts to behave strangely, threatening to wreck the relationship between Pauline and Jim?  Is there any hope for their future together?  (10,000 words)


“Yes, I’ve heard about her job offer,” Andrew said when Pauline phoned him that evening.  “And I’ll be glad to have her off my back.”
“She hasn’t made up her mind to go yet.  When I asked her about it, she said that she wasn’t sure.  Apparently she’s met a guy and doesn’t want to leave him.”
“Well, this is news.  Then she won’t be pestering me again, whether she stays or goes.  This calls for a celebration, Pauline.”
“I thought for a minute that the guy she met might have been you.  She wouldn’t tell me his name.”
“No.  You can breathe easy there.  It’s not me.  And I would never lie to you, Pauline.  Can you hold on a minute?  I can hear the door bell.  It’s getting late, and I don’t know who’s calling at this time.  I’ll just check the security monitor….  What the hell?  It’s Cosima, standing on my doorstep.  Looks like she’s carrying a bottle of wine.  This is too much….”
“Has she ever done this before?” Pauline asked.
“She’s badgered me on the phone a few times, but I’ve usually hung up politely.  She’s never turned up on my doorstep before.  I’m not going to answer the door.”
“She knows you’re in there.”
“What do I tell her that’s going to make her go away?”
“Tell her you’re entertaining me.  I know it’s a lie.  But in a way you are entertaining me, over the phone.  Hang up, answer the door, and ring me straight back when she’s gone.”
Pauline put down her phone and waited for him to call.  After two minutes, she was still waiting.  Relax, she told herself.  Cosima’s just being difficult.  She switched on the television to watch the news broadcast.  After a while, she looked at her wristwatch; she reckoned that over five minutes had elapsed since she’d spoken to him.  She wanted to ring him back, to find out what had happened.  But, she reasoned, she would be no better than Cosima, who had pestered him so many times on the phone; he might think she, too, was being demanding or controlling.  She decided to go to bed.
As soon as she’d switched out the bedroom light and tried to get to sleep, she felt more awake than ever.  She couldn’t spend the night with this uncertainty racing through her mind; she got up, made herself another drink, and began to watch a late-night movie on television.  But the action couldn’t drag her mind away from Cosima, standing on Andrew’s doorstep with her bottle of wine.  After an hour - by which time she had to admit that she had yawned so many times and had lost interest in the movie - she decided to get back to bed.  And, within twenty minutes, she was sound asleep.
She had a dream.  She was back at the firm’s annual dance, and had stepped out with Andrew for a little intimacy; they returned to the deserted warehouse once more, where Cosima was waiting for them.
“I need to pee,” Cosima smiled.  “Do you want to watch me, Andrew?  I know how much you like to watch.”


The other story - Caught in the Act! - will be published in the next day or two.  Details will be available just as soon as it’s ready.

All the best!


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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Now Available: The Poor Nuns in Revolt

Hello again!

My latest story, The Poor Nuns in Revolt - a sequel to A Poor Nun's Endowment - has just been published on Amazon Kindle.  It will be available on Smashwords in a few days' time, and on Apple, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo in a couple of weeks from now.

Here are some details to whet your appetite:

After Mary and David have made themselves at home in the deserted house they came across in A Poor Nun's Endowment, Mary is visited by an old friend from the priory.  All is not well with the community, after the visit of the Great Pestilence (the Black Death); the evil Benedicta has seized control and is now Mother Prioress.  Mary agrees to return to the priory for a week to see if she can influence Benedicta into easing the poor nuns into a gentler Rule.  But she hasn't reckoned for the priest, who has some deviant sexual habits and attempts to blackmail Mary into performing sexual acts to gratify his cravings once he discovers the unique endowment in her anatomy.  What strange hold does he have on Benedicta?  What can Mary achieve to bring about a happier way of life for the good nuns?

And here's a SAMPLE EXTRACT:

“Are you coming with us to dinner, Philomena?” Sister Angela asked her as they filed out of the church.
“Soon, sister.  And please call me Mary now.  I love you all, but I am not a member of your community.”
“Are leaving us again so soon?”
“No.  I’m staying a little longer.  I have a few private things I need to do before I depart.”
The nuns interpreted ‘private things’ to mean spiritual matters and didn’t care to invade her privacy. 
She was just about to enter the refectory when she felt a hand on her shoulder.  Turning round, she saw it was Clare; she looked solemn.
“There’s talk of your going away,” she said.  “I couldn’t bear it.  Not now.  We were so happy when you came back to us.” Clare led her a few steps past the refectory door so they could have privacy.
“I promised you I’d stay a week, dear Sister Clare.  I have my own man waiting for me at home, and a lot of tasks to be done on our land.”
“I know.  But, before we go to dinner, may I hold you?  May I hold your cock, just for a few moments?  It’s so comforting.  And you can put it inside me, if you like.  Just like you did last night.” There’s a dark recess along the cloister where we won’t be seen.”
“Not now.  It’s too risky.”
“When, then?”
Mary remembered that, now that the priest had gone, his bed in the vestry would be available.  “We can go in the church vestry tonight.”
“But the last time I came to see you, when the others had left, that old priest came and threw me out.”
“Don’t worry.  He won’t be there.”
“After Compline prayers?”
“Yes.  But not for too long.”
They went to the refectory for dinner and, afterwards, there was a short period of quiet time set aside for reflection.  Mary had decided that this would be an appropriate moment for her to call on Mother Prioress to tell her of the priest’s departure. 
But Clare detained her.  “Dear Mary, I couldn’t stop thinking about… about tonight.  I’m bursting now, and don’t think I could wait until tonight.  Couldn’t we go to the vestry now and… do what we were going to do after Compline?”
She had a soft spot for Sister Clare.  It wouldn’t do any harm, she supposed.  And then she’d go and see Benedicta about the priest.  They walked across to the church and entered the side door into the vestry.  Once inside, Clare lay down on the straw bed that they had used last night, and pulled up her habit ready for Mary to take her.


The first in this series,  A Poor Nun's Endowment, was very popular and if you enjoyed that story, I hope you'll enjoy this one too.  And, in the Epilogue, I've inserted a hint of two more stories still to come.  At the end of the book I've inserted the opening sections of other works with this theme - Dickgirl in the Dungeon and Dating a Dickgirl.

Until next time,

Best wishes,

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

In Small, Intimate Rooms - an erotic short story

Hello again - and a Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve just published my latest short story - In Small, Intimate Rooms - and I do hope you enjoy it.  Here’s a quick synopsis:

On a vacation in a remote area of Thailand, John meets an East European prostitute; she tells him of her unfortunate plight, and he feels sorry for her; he returns to her village the next day to find she has disappeared with a Danish guy.   Although John meets her again briefly on a business trip in Copenhagen the following year, he wonders if they will ever see each other again and rekindle the passion he had with her in her tiny room during their first encounter... 

Adults Only.  Warning: this story is for over-18s only and contain elements which some people may find offensive. If you aren't interested in golden showers or watersports, or aren't curious about the fetish, don't buy or read this book.


Before I had a chance to turn round, thank her and depart, she moved behind me and shut the door. She pulled up her skirt, revealing black stockings and garters; like the other girls I’d seen earlier, she had no underwear. “You do want to fuck me, don’t you?” she asked. “It’s cheap for you. Special offer. And you can come back for more tomorrow.”
I was tempted. But I’d heard a lot from other guys who’d got themselves all kinds of nasty diseases from these girls and I wasn’t prepared to risk my health.
She saw my hesitation. “So you don’t want to fuck, then? There are other things we can do. You want to come between my legs, maybe?”
“All right,” I said, and pulled my pants down to my knees.
“Why not take them right off? You want to pee, but can’t. But I want to pee. Then after you’ve come, you can pee too.”
She stood with her legs astride the toilet bowl, and beckoned me to come forward.
“Hold me tight.”
I obeyed, and felt her jump forward, her thighs wrapped round mine; her cheek rubbed against mine, and I smelt cheap perfume. Her heels pushed against the back of my knees; I took the entire weight of her body.
“Hold me still. I’m going to pee now.”


I’m busy writing a sequel to A Poor Nun’s Endowment and I hope to have that out soon.  Mary returns to the priory, where all hell has broken loose, and...  No, I mustn’t write any more here and spoil your enjoyment.

Keep smiling!
My best wishes to you for 2014,


Monday, 25 November 2013

The House Sitter

Hello again!

My latest title, The House Sitter, has just been published and is available for Amazon Kindle immediately.  I've been assured that editions for Apple (I-books) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) will be ready shortly.
This is the second in the new series Strangers for a Night, and here's a brief introduction:

A guy walks into Heather's office whom she hasn't seen for fifteen years; at the end of their business meeting, she invites him to lunch at her home, where she's house-sitting for a wealthy couple currently out of the country. Over the course of the afternoon they develop a sensual connection and enjoy sex games together. But when he takes her back to his hotel room to continue their romp, the prospect of a relationship suddenly comes crashing down....
And here's a sample extract:

     We were stretched out, fully-clothed, on my bed. We had our arms round each other and began kissing again. Soon I felt his hand fumbling up my skirt; I pulled up the front and he quickly found his way into my panties. His finger had no trouble finding my bud and he started stroking me.
     “I want to go down on you,” he whispered in my ear.
     Without answering, I pulled off my hose and underwear and pushed my skirt up to my waist; I rolled over on my back and opened my thighs. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a man’s tongue down there; I braced myself and thrust my crotch repeatedly at his mouth. I wanted my climax now. I couldn’t wait any longer.
     The boy next door whom I had once fancied was now a man and he was performing one of the most intimate acts on my body. The fact that he was a business client seemed to have no relevance to the occasion. I wanted him to do this. And, when I’d come, I’d want him to do it to me again.
     I felt his finger slowly poking its way up my anus; I hadn’t expected this. I’d never had this done to me before, and it heightened the sensation. My mind drifted and began fantasizing how it might feel with his cock up there.


I'm still waiting for my Muse to deliver the next story in this series - I have other projects in the pipeline and I'm hoping to have another title out before the Festive Season.

All the best

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